Tuesday, October 03, 2017

HOMILY for October 1, 2017: 26th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Cycle A

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Sunday, 26th Week OT, A
Deacon Candidates and Wives’ Retreat
October 1, 2017
2 sons: which are you? +++++++++++++++++++++
Ø  2 sons: 1 says “yes” and doesn’t go; the other says “no” and does
Ø  Which one did the father’s will?
Ø  If you had to be one which would you choose?
Ø  It’s a trick questions Jesus uses to teach the Pharisees about the Kingdom of God
PHARISEES AS THE 2ND SON ++++++++++++++++++++
Ø  Pharisees are examples of 2nd son in the story
Ø  Self-righteous Jews who always gave the appearance of serving God by following all the rules; what to eat, wear, how to say their prayers
Ø  They looked and sounded religious, but when it came to loving neighbor, showing kindness to poor, compassion to lowly, never “showed up in the vineyard!”
Ø  Oh, said they would; religion very impressive in the synagogue, but did not live it out in daily lives
APPLICATION ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Ø  But many, myself included, R 1at son in parable
Ø  1st son stood for the tax collectors and the prostitutes of whom Jesus spoke, folks who lived with sin
Ø  Didn’t have time 4 religion, & even if they did, they were short on worship
Ø  What they did have was the ability to change
Ø  Jesus loved their zest 4 life and was able to call them from sinful ways to follow him
Ø  I figure as the 1st son, (1) I don’t live a perfect life and (2) I do want to change
Ø  Those 2 qualities give me hope
Conclusion ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Ø  It’s important to say that the father doesn’t disown either one of them, because of the things that they did, or didn’t do
Ø  Actually, neither one did the F’s will, however, according to Jesus, both sons can experience the Kingdom of God
Ø  Authentic religious practice in the case of the 1st son AND a willingness to change in the 2nd son saves both individuals
Ø  The good news is that God wants 2 nurture, mold, & change each of them, wherever they’re coming from into examples of righteous living in vineyard
Ø  Yes, there’s good news for all of us

Daily HOMILY for September 30, 2017: Saturday in the 25th Week of Ordinary Time

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Saturday, 25th Week OT / Deacons’ Retreat
September 30, 2017
THE CROSS ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Ø  The Cross is frightening, but following inevitably means accepting cross that’s in every Christian’s path
Ø  On this day of the week that we honor Mary, we see someone who knew how to remain beneath the Cross
Ø  In her we may find the grace not to run away from it even when we are most fearful of it
THE GOSPEL +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Ø  Recall that J was involved in many activities & all marveled at all he did. He was the leader at the time
Ø  All Judea talking about him & when disciples R rejoicing, says 2 them: “Let these words sink into UY minds; Son of Man 2B delivered into hands of men”
Ø  On a moment of triumph, J announces his Passion
Ø  Notice, disciples R taken by festive atmosphere so, “don’t understand & it’s concealed from them, that they shouldn’t perceive it”
Ø  “Don’t ask 4 explanations,” Gospel says, “they’re afraid to ask him about this saying”
Ø  Better not to talk about it. Better “not to understand the truth.” Yes, like us, they are fearful of the Cross
Ø  Truth is J afraid of it, but couldn’t deceive self & so great his fear on night of HT he sweat blood
Ø  Even asked G: “Father, remove cup from me,” but, he added: “Thy will be done.” And this is the difference
APPLICATION ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Ø  The Cross scares us; it scares me: cancer, old age, etc.
Ø  This also happens when we commit ourselves to being witnesses of the Gospel and to following Jesus
Ø  Like disciples, we’re all content, riding high, & don’t ask any questions today; we don’t speak about Cross
Ø  What will it take for us to talk about it and ultimately to face it?
1.     That Jesus is a kind of pioneer in that he’s met it and triumphed and I will trust in him as mine emerges
2.     That the cycle of new life coming out of death is an annual occurrence in nature
3.     That we have experienced a sense of newness and aliveness after many of our own little deaths
CONCLUSION ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Ø   It was Jesus’ mother who’s closest 2 him at the Cross
Ø  On the day of week we honor her, good 2 ask her for grace, not to take away our fear since this must be
Ø  In addition to the 3 anchors I just mentioned, we might ask Mary 4 grace not 2 run away from cross
Ø  She’s there & knows how to remain close to the Cross